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The Breads Factory

Here you can find information about The Breads Factory as part of The KING's NFTs project.
Note: The Breads Factory uses the username pabrikroti.
Q and A


The Breads Factory is a factory that produces Programmed Bread with a Framework of Playing, Learning, and Working or PLW.
In The Breads Factory, many kinds of Bread were Designed, Produced, Programmed, also Distributed, or DPPD so can be always loved, wanted, existed, endured, or High Availability or HA, and have eternity, or Decentralized to meet the needs of everything until the end of the Universe #3.
Logo of The Breads Factory
Kondom Berduri! © Since 2021 by The Breads Factory
The Breads Factory is based on the intelligence of three individuals, Human Intelligence v3.0, or HI v3.0, who really want to bake a loaf of Bread in the Framework PLW. Because as someone who lives, or is able to do, think, and feel for a loaf of Bread, Playing, Learning, and Working are things that have the same priority and portion.
For a loaf of Bread, Playing can be fun, and enjoy the process, Learning can be smart or at least can improve the abilities, then Working can be established and still earn to pay off all costs, bills, debts, and even treats.
For everyone who lives for a loaf of Bread, in The Breads Factory called Bakers, the Framework PLW is more efficient and the effect is so great that it can be used for subsequent loaves of Bread, regardless of the processing technique and whatever its shape or form.
Whether it's in the form of a mixture of coding, writing, pictures, illustrations, photography, animation, audio, music, video, film, or a combination of all those ingredients, Ingredients Items, or I2, from the idea to the concept as well as the process of DPPD, by The Breads Factory is ensured to be Decentralized High Availability Programmed Bread to meet the needs.
Because the 0101 Universe, the Digital World, today is starting to become everything for everyone, over time, to meet the needs of everything, Programmed Bread has not only to penetrate off the network or Offline but also on the network or Online.
Starting from social media, streaming, marketplace, or becoming a Non-Fungible Token, or NFT on the blockchain network, up to licensing, and royalties also penetrate the network.
Everyone can't be sure what the needs of everything are, but the meeting between those who need and those who are needed, Bakers and Bakers, the market, or its investors, Programmed Bread and the market, or its investors, or vice versa, can always occur when Programmed Bread with High Availability has Decentralized, just keep venturing to penetrate on the network.
It is hoped that a goal will be achieved, that The Bread Factory becomes Space-Time for all Bakers with Human Intelligence v3.0 who are free to use the Framework PLW to continue to shape and move in the Universe #3 without fear of running out of supplies in the form of Decentralized High Availability Programmed Bread.
  1. 1.
    Material Selection The Cosmic Questions
  2. 2.
    Material Weighing Infinite Expansion
  3. 3.
    Mixing the Ingredients into Dough The Big Rip
  4. 4.
    Dough Molding The Big Crunch
  5. 5.
    Examination of Mold Results The Event Horizon
  6. 6.
    Baking into Bread The Singularity
  7. 7.
    The Creation of Bread An Event Called The Big Bang
  8. 8.
    Bread Storage And Cooling As Space-Time Expanded, The Universe Cooled, and Matter Formed
  9. 9.
    Bread Distribution Space-Time Tells Matter How to Move, and Matter Tells Space-Time How To Curve
Kondom Berduri! © Since 2021 by The Breads Factory

09964. ...

09965. Amanda Wives - SOON

GitBook of The Creations: Amanda Wives 0x Creator: 29bF68E3969E0b6686ea55B7C48241ba3f6B9bA0

09966. The Melting Land - SOON

GitBook of The Creations: The Melting Land 0x Creator: 29bF68E3969E0b6686ea55B7C48241ba3f6B9bA0


GitBook of The Creations: ROTY BROI dETH 0x Creator: 29bF68E3969E0b6686ea55B7C48241ba3f6B9bA0

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09969. ...

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Kondom Berduri! © Since 2021 by The Breads Factory

The Bakers

In the meantime, there are no Bakers at The Breads Factory. Over time it will always be updated since the Bakers in The Breads Factory can always come and go, even not at all.

The Bakers Presence

Tiffany Siti will make bread
Nur Catherine & Stephanie Saroh selling bread
Lilik Caroline makes bread
Sulis Elizabeth counts bread stock

Open Recruitment

If this is something you love, that you can do, and that you want to do in the hopes of not harming or hurting others, then The Breads Factory invites you to become one of the Bakers, that is, someone who lives for a loaf of Bread.
Be a woman who is free to Play, Learn, and Work for a loaf of Bread at The Breads Factory.

Please answer the following questions!

  • Do you prefer MONEY or SEX in this life? Why? Explain it!

Please send the answers to the questions above!

You can send the answer via Prof. NOTA's Discord anytime and anywhere using your Discord account. So please join Prof. NOTA's Discord.

There is no charge for this recruitment.

Beware of parties acting on behalf of The Breads Factory, be it individuals, groups, organizations, or agencies. The Breads Factory never charges the Bakers candidate a penny. So, beware of scams!!!!
Kondom Berduri! © Since 2021 by The Breads Factory

Questions and Answers

Q: To be full, what do you eat?
A: Eat some Bread to be full.
Q: Why should The Breads Factory?
A1: Since eating some Bread can make you full, there must be The Breads Factory.
A2: Aren't many still hungry?!?!
Kondom Berduri! © Since 2021 by The Breads Factory