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Here you can find all information about SKATESHOP in ENDHONESA or SKATESHOP.ID as part of The KING's NFTs project.
Note: In your reality, your real life, skateboarding is a different perspective on the world around you. ALL $HAIL SKATEBOARDING, OiOi!!!!
Q and A


As you know, in your reality, your real life, skateboarding is a different perspective on the world around you. So, here is Prof. NOTA taking over SKATESHOP.ID from @MyReceipt to bring you all the best skateboarding goods from 0101 Universe.
Our skateboarding life will be free since we are anonymous. We will be a legion if we do not forgive and we do not forget. But, please don’t expect Prof. NOTA! Expect us!!!!

Chronicle of SKATESHOP.ID

in The Forever Young Era

September 2008 - @MyReceipt opened a skateboard shop with a physical building to sell skateboards offline. Because at that time he was still not settled and often moved around, it was called ENDCIDENTIAL Skateboards Shop, an incidental skateboard shop to sell skateboard products from ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co. and local skateboard brands.

in The Pursuit of Happiness Era

September 2011 – At the end of 2010, @MyReceipt survived illness and bankruptcy. That's why he changed the name ENDCIDENTIAL Skateboards Shop to ESS Skateboards Supply as luck would have it. Unfortunately, the days at that time were still bad, forcing him to close ESS Skateboards Supply in September 2011 and ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co. became his focus effort.

in The Family Kingdoms Era

September 2015 – After 4 years of closure, ESS Skateboards Supply was finally reopened by @MyReceipt. Thank you to A Free, the one who has helped and provided encouragement so that the physical building of ESS Skateboards Supply can be renovated and create an online skateboard shop website for ESS Skateboards Supply with the domain SKATESHOP.ID.
September 2017 – @MyReceipt changed the business model of ESS Skateboards Supply and changed its name to SKATESHOP.ID, a skateboarding online store. Since then, the physical skateboard shop building was converted into warehousing purposes by @MyReceipt and the SKATESHOP.ID domain was used to become the website of a fully online skateboard shop named SKATESHOP.ID.

in The Melting Land Era

September 2022 - SKATESHOP.ID is no longer able to provide skateboard products and good online services for skateboarders in your reality, in your real life. All of this happened at the same time as The Melting Land phenomenon which at its peak made @MyReceipt finally shut down SKATESHOP.ID since he was resting in proxy (R.I.P.). After that, SKATESHOP.ID was taken over by Prof. NOTA to be preserved in The Melting Land era as part of The KING's NFTs project.

The Skateboarding Legion

Right now there are no onymous riders for SKATESHOP.ID in your reality, your real life. All riders are anonymous and they always come and go. In your reality, your real life, they are all the skateboarding legion of SKATESHOP.ID that will show people a different perspective on the world around you.

Open Recruitment

If skateboarding is something you love, that you can do, and that you want to do, then SKATESHOP.ID invites you to join this skateboarding legion. Be a female who is free to Play, Learn, and Work on your skateboard...

Please answer the following questions!

  • Do you prefer MONEY or SKATEBOARDING in your life? Why? Explain it!

Please send the answers to the questions above!

You can send the answer via Prof. NOTA's Discord anytime and anywhere using your Discord account. So please join Prof. NOTA's Discord.

There is no charge for this recruitment.

Beware of parties acting on behalf of SKATESHOP.ID, be it individuals, groups, organizations, or agencies. SKATESHOP.ID never charges the candidate a penny. So, beware of scams!!!!

Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have live inventory?
A: Don't ask, do your own research! Go out now and shredding it!
Q: Why?
A1: Don't ask, do your own research! Go out now and shredding it!
A2: Don't ask! Go out now!