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41. The ROTY BROI ⛵💦

Note: The ROTY BROI NFTs are 100% minted completely!
Spin-Off: The ROTY BROI is a collection of 1047 unique generative and handpicked NFTs, that live on the Polygon blockchain. Each NFT is made from over 100+ traits. Each trait is meticulously hand-drawn and crafted by The BROY, then mixed and generated by LOGO PABRIK ROTI of PabrikRoti.IDN uses an algorithm to create unique characters.
Launcher: Prof. NOTA
0x Creator: fF809a9B2085A7247Edd03e03Ed71df905C2AF32
Developer: Prof. NOTA
Artist: The Broy X Prof. NOTA
Royalty: 7.47% on OpenSea.IO, 100% distributed to Prof. NOTA.
As two people become a couple, meeting and uniting them both can be a gift but can also be a disaster for both of them and the reality around them. Likewise, what is happening in the current Web3 era, a gift, and a disaster are in front of us.
Concretely, if the digital world, the 0101 Universe, that is connected with this world wide web is the ocean, and the Universe of Reality, that is the physical reality of our life in this world is the land, then The Melting Land is the phenomenon when both worlds blend together so there are no boundaries separating them.
The Melting Land is the meeting and uniting of digital with physical when communication and information are continuously happening and never halting anymore. It can be a gift if we are prepared, otherwise, it can be a disaster if we are not prepared.
Luckily, in 0101 Universe, there are Prof. NOTA and Mr. Broy who know about that phenomenon and prepare themselves to be able to prepare the others by building The ROTY BROI's ark. To survive and to sail The Melting Land through any blockchain network.
Utility of The ROTY BROI NFTs is used as the invitation to the ROTY BROI's Ark so you can survive The Melting Land phenomenon. Get the ROTY BROI's Ark invitation, mint the invitation, hold it in your wallet, and make sure your fellow brothers are not left behind and forgotten.
— Source #1: The ROTY BROI's website
— Source #2: The ROTY BROI's Twitter
— Source #5: The ROTY BROI NFTs staking
— Source #6: The ROTY BROI's Discord

The Objectives...

  1. 1.
    As a medium for pouring stories from MyReceipt's thoughts about the phenomenon in the reality of his life that should be a gift.
  2. 2.
    As a satirical medium to inform the general public to care about the surrounding environment as the only reality they have.
  3. 3.
    Generating revenue for living expenses for MyReceipt so Prof. NOTA is unimpeded able to develop and settings the story of ROTY BROI The Movie: The Melting Land.
  4. 4.
    Gathering audience on the Web3 community to make collaborations and partnerships in introducing and developing The Melting Land story.

Holder Benefit...