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Spin-Off: BANANOW NFTs project is NFT with PFP-generated images of fun bananas. BANANOW NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain using ERC 721A smart contract.
0x Creator: 29bF68E3969E0b6686ea55B7C48241ba3f6B9bA0
Developer: Pung:Born2Burn X Prof. NOTA
Artist: V_Bananow X Pung:Born2Burn
Royalty: 7.7% on-chain and on OpenSea.IO, 100% distributed to BANANOW.LAND.
BANANOW Farmers aim to build BANANOW.LAND, a fun, non-intimidating, supportive family, where everyone can always playing, learning, and working.
— Source: BANANOW NFTs on market (DEPRECATED)
BONUS for Early Supporter:
BANANOW Tree actually a collection of deprecated BANANOW NFTs because of the mistake of Prof. NOTA as a smart contract deployer. This collection now used by Prof. NOTA as proof of who is the early holders of BANANOW NFTs, which means all holders are early supporters of BANANOW.LAND.
— Source: BANANOW Tree on market (DEPRECATED)
Warning: Based on the ThirdWeb announcement, a known vulnerability impacted the smart contracts deployed with ThirdWeb pre-build smart contracts. One of them is the smart contract of BANANOW NFTs and BANANOW Tree.


For all of you, no exceptions, if your address already holds the "BANANOW NFTs" and/or "BANANOW Tree", please revoke approvals on the smart contract of "BANANOW NFTs" and "BANANOW Tree" using REVOKE.CASH. Let the NFTs stay in your address and never interact again with the smart contract.
Please go to Prof. NOTA's Discord or Discord of BANANOW.LAND for more info and if you have any questions regarding the "BANANOW NFTs" and "BANANOW Tree".
BANANOW is backed by the perfect community for its Web3 activities, that is the friends and FAMILY of BANANOW in both universes, the Universe of Reality and the 0101 Universe.
Be a Head, that is the FAMILY, which is all holders of BANANOW NFTs (smart contract v.4.7), that gets full support and becomes a priority in obtaining benefits from the potential of the BANANOW.LAND that they backing up, to develop their owned BANANOW as their brand.
— Source #1: BANANOW.LAND website — Source #2: The Green Paper of BANANOW.LAND — Source #3: BANANOW NFTs (v.4.7) mint page (after Bitcoin halving) — Source #4: BANANOW NFT (v.4.7) on OpenSea market (after Bitcoin halving)

The Objectives...

  1. 1.
    As a medium for pouring stories from MyReceipt's thoughts about the phenomenon in the reality of his life about how he found a home not just a house.
  2. 2.
    Emphasize and improve the occurrence of Prof. NOTA on the blockchain by collaborating with some artists on Web3 and in the Universe of Reality.
  3. 3.
    Gathering audience on Web3 and in the Universe of Reality to make collaborations and partnerships in introducing and developing The Melting Land story.
  4. 4.
    Generating revenue for living expenses for MyReceipt so Prof. NOTA is unimpeded able to develop and settings the story of ROTY BROI The Movie: The Melting Land.
  5. 5.
    For Prof. NOTA expression, and fun with Them on Web3.

Holder Benefit...