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The Q & A ?!?!

Here you can find some answers to some frequent questions about The KING's NFTs project.

When does the sale start?

All start at the end of September 2021 on the OpenSea marketplace, including the sales. After that, no exact date will be announced for all the journeys.
You can join Prof. NOTA's Discord to stay updated with all the journeys.

Are there any giveaways?

Absolutely! MyReceipt and Prof. NOTA will randomly choose some NFT items and transfer one or more to you as giveaways. Just follow the rules.

What to do if I want to join the giveaways events?

Since all giveaway events will be announced on Discord, you can join Prof. NOTA's Discord.

When the 2nd Batch will be released?

The 2nd Batch will be released in November 2021. After that, no exact date will be announced for all the journeys. You can join Prof. NOTA's Discord to get updates about all the journeys.

Does this have some kind of community?

In fact, MyReceipt really hopes that a community will be formed regarding this project. Unfortunately, MyReceipt is just one person who was helped by several fictional pseudonymous persons in the neural network of his brain and body.
Note: There are 6 + 1 of The Initiators and The Finalizators in the neural network.
So hopefully, out there, one or more of you will take the initiative to form a community related to this project. MyReceipt will be very happy if it can happen by itself. For that purpose, Prof. NOTA already set up Prof. NOTA Discord as a micro-private community, in the hope a community can be formed by one or more of you, OiOi!!!!

Please explain more about the journey!

The building process of The KING's Office has been stopped. The dream and goal are to continue to build The KING's Office, so MyReceipt can safely Play, Learn, and Work for his son in his world.
Many things were intentionally not disclosed. The journey always takes care of every detail and does it right one by one, and when the journey is already enough, it will reveal a specific schedule and details.

How to contact MyReceipt easily?

You can't contact MyReceipt but you can always reach him by contacting Prof. NOTA anytime and anywhere using your Discord account. Prof. NOTA's DM is always open for you, so please join Prof. NOTA's Discord.
To save everyone in 0101 Universe from any PHISHING and SCAMS, please only use all the links listed below to reach and contact Prof. NOTA. Visit and follow all these links as guidance to get any information from Prof. NOTA regarding The KING's NFTs project.

Prof. NOTA's Website

Prof. NOTA's Social Network

Enjoy reading! Enjoy the journey and have fun following the links. Don't forget to stay alert and beware of scams!!!!
Please join Prof. NOTA Discord!