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How is it going?

Here you can find some information about how The KING's NFTs were started, run, and finished, but it will never end.


The KING's NFTs is an artifact project by MyReceipt dedicated to The KING that did not through a long planning and deliberation process, the storyline, roadmap, and aesthetic were also not determined over a period of months.
This project is set spontaneously and just released to become a revolutionary new collectible creation created by an ordinary father based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
A father that lives in a middle-income society in a third-world country, which is not surrounded by high-level NFT specialists, experienced developers, illustrators, concept artists, creative directors, venture capitalists, or angel investors.
— Source: GitFuckingHub
It began when MyReceipt had run out of money to build The KING's Office and realized that what was left was a habit of collecting and documenting anything in his life, including the creations of his son.
So, since September 2021, when his son reached 5 years old, MyReceipt started to create and mint NFT with assets are all the remaining things he has to raise funds and continue to build The KING's Office as a place for him to Play, Learn, and Work for his son.
View of The KING's Office

The 1st Batch

The 1st Batch collection consists of scribbles, drawings, and handwriting, both physical and digital, photography, voice and sound recordings, animated photos, and video footage.
Almost all in The 1st Batch is documentation of various creations made by MyReceipt's son since born, during growth, and development. All have different stories, all are unique.
— Source: GitFuckingHub

The 2nd Batch

The 2nd Batch is split into several collections, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on. It consists of various generative artwork created by MyReceipt while Playing, Learning, and Working for his son, from now till beyond, and will always be updated here until MyReceipt rules his world.

Collection Inserts

Among all the creations, there are also collection inserts that are collabs, and spin-offs of NFT collections which are sure to give special surprises to all NFT collectors. There are the Logo of The Breads Factory, the Experimental NFTs from a random daily experiment of MyReceipt with A.I., the Archipelago OBJKT, and many other surprising NFT collections.
The versatility of MyReceipt opens up possibilities for collaboration with other creators, projects, dApps, or just at the level of artwork. So, the community focuses are able to put it ahead of the pack of the other collectible NFT projects.
MyReceipt will constantly be responding to all feedback in the hope can creating a natural ecosystem and endless potential that MyReceipt doesn’t want to miss out on!
— Source: GitFuckingHub