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Mengapa? Siapa? Kapan?
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A Big Hope For A Simple Dream

All discoveries, especially the thousands of Creator addresses with intact digital artifacts, seemed to be meaningless when several transaction records were found that led to digital artifacts of ⁠The 1st Batch NFT (46) collection.
The Creator's address of The 1st Batch NFT (46) collection is also the Creator's address of the Genesis guidance, plus the intact digital artifact of The 1st Batch NFT (46) collection assets which reveals the figure of the Creator in his real life, are the causes of the great attention to the address of the Creator's address of the Genesis guidance or the Genesis Creator.
Those digital artifacts show that the Genesis Creator is just a son, a father, and a husband who has given up on his real life but in his mind can’t be given up on a big hope for a simple dream about The KING and a family as the kingdom in their own world, The KING's World.
That hope ruled the Genesis Creator's mind and controlled his entire being, just as everyone else at that time ruled and controlled their digital avatar on the Internet, just as today the Crown Virus rules the minds and controls the bodies of all those in life that no longer can survive.

A Fictitious Persona

What happened to the Genesis Creator, at the beginning of the process a fictitious persona formed from within his mind and by his great hope. That persona combines various data and information originating from various experiences of Playing, Learning, and Working, in the form of theory, advice, facts, and wisdom, as well as from ideal individuals encountered by the Genesis Creator during his lifetime. That fictitious persona slowly, and continuously controls the Genesis Creator.
The mind and the heart of the Genesis Creator are always aware of all that. The Genesis Creator is also very aware, that the fictitious persona is still very pseudo, biased, and abstract, but quite brave, and strong, which also dominates him.
In all the digital artifacts of the Scribbled Faces NFT (45) collection assets which are in the form of rough scribbles, depicting some of the faces of ideal individuals in the Creator's real life, it is concluded that the Creator seeks to portray a fictitious persona that controls him.
This conclusion makes the Scribbled Faces NFT (45) collection, which was also created by the Genesis Creator, the next guidance that further clarifies the existence and condition of the Genesis Creator in his reality, in his real life, the Universe of Reality.

At The Lowest Point Of His Life

There is an interesting thing that gives many answers when new guidance is found, namely the Anthropophobia Viruses (44) NFT collection created by the Genesis Creator. The digital artifacts certainly have a meaning or story behind them. Whatever the story, Blockchain Archeologists argue that the Genesis Creator at that time found a way to fight his fears of other people (Anthropophobia).
This guidance answered many things related to the existence and condition of the Genesis Creator in his real life at that time.
First, it is construed that the Genesis Creator was at the lowest point of his life. Don't know why, maybe his existence and condition are very fragile, and really needs help. It is also possible that the Genesis Creator has very insecure, strange feelings, and hates himself, all of that makes him have fears of other people and has given up on his real life. The Genesis Creator was experiencing Anthropophobia at that time.
Second, great hope ruled the Genesis Creator's mind and controlled his entire being. So as to form a fictional persona that is not fragile, that can help himself, makes him confident, can make him not hate himself, and even able to fight his fears of people. The Genesis Creator found a way to help and heal himself, at that time.
Third, the Genesis Creator in his real life always adheres to the principles and enthusiasm of Playing, Learning, and Working for anything he owns, especially his son, his KING. That principle and enthusiasm contain Energy that is supposedly capable of raising the fictitious persona in the mind of the Genesis Creator. Therefore, Energy is defined as the ability to Play, Learn, and Work.
According to Blockchain Archeologists, these principles and enthusiasm are unique, and interesting, and are stated to be a solution for the current condition of society that is experiencing intelligence regress and on a hungry stomach.
The principles and enthusiasm of Playing, Learning, and Working, which contain Energy to independently heal the intelligence regression and the condition of a hungry stomach, are widely talked about and discussed by those who want to heal and continue living life.
But what is the concrete form of the principles and enthusiasm of Playing, Learning, and Working? What is the Energy contained in it? Then how to independently use that Energy?
All of that still becoming big questions without answers, since there is no one alive today who can answer it yet.

There are ten thousand Logos of The Breads Factory (43)...