32. Prof. NOTA Genesis

Note: Prof. NOTA Genesis is 100% minted completely!
B2C2: This is the genesis work that marks the occurrence of Prof. NOTA on the blockchain. This happened simultaneously with the emergence of Prof. NOTA in the IDNFT Academy.
Launcher: Prof. NOTA
Developer: Prof. NOTA
Artist: The Broy X Suwar Kainde X IDNFT Team X Prof. NOTA
Royalty: 7.47% on-chain and on OpenSea.IO, 100% distributed to Prof. NOTA.
Using the concept from the "Your Cursor is BOMB!", a collection on created by Prof. NOTA, apart from being a mark, this work is also a tribute to IDNFT Academy participants who have played, learned, and worked together with Prof. NOTA.
BONUS - SAILOR MOAN Comics (excluded - PabrikRoti.IDN)
— Source: SAILOR MOAN Comics
BONUS - Huskee NFT (excluded - PabrikRoti.IDN)
— Source: Huskee NFT
BONUS - VIP 555 Labs (excluded - PabrikRoti.IDN)
— Source: VIP 555 Labs
BONUS - VVIP 555 Labs (excluded - PabrikRoti.IDN)
— Source: VVIP 555 Labs
BONUS - Zalez Labs VIP (excluded - PabrikRoti.IDN)
— Source: Zalez Labs VIP

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Prof. NOTA Genesis