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14. Amanda Wives ⛵

Note: Amanda Wives are too early for now!
Spin-Off: Amanda Wives collection contain 4747 survivors of The Melting Land that currently building a memorial collection, named AMANDA MEMORIAL, for the others who did not survive.
Launcher: Prof. NOTA
Developer: Prof. NOTA
Artist: Schiterra X Prof. NOTA
Royalty: 15% on the blockchain, variously distributed to Schiterra, and to Prof. NOTA.
Here they are, AMANDA WIVES!
4747 of them came 1 by 1 from the multiverse. They were thrown into the 0101 Universe because of The Melting Land. Each of them has left all in their own universe to die sinking.
4747 of them 1 by 1 were found and rescued by 1047 OiOi, the survivor of The Melting Land, living on The ROTY BROI's ark while sailing the blockchain. When the early 47 of them were found and rescued by 1047 OiOi, The ROTY BROI's ark was thrown to the Universe of Reality (your reality, your real life) because of The Bearish Glitch.
At that time, 47 of them and 1047 OiOi were stranded on Bali island, the island of God. Bali locals help them all to make The ROTY BROI's ark thrown back to the 0101 Universe portal called Conserve Roty Broi.
While continuing sailing the blockchain, 4747 of them are completely on board with 1047 OiOi and finally anchored on the BANANOW.LAND, the rich island of 2345 BANANOW farmers. 4747 of them and 1047 OiOi, helped by 2345 BANANOW farmers, live together to survive The Melting Land through many blockchains in this Web3 era.
In BANANOW.LAND, the early 47 of them are blessed with revelations to access undiscovered stories behind The Melting Land and reveal all the stories of us all in this 0101 Universe. So, here they are, 4747 of AMANDA WIVES, which will bring all those stories to the Universe of Reality just for you.
Before AMANDA WIVES start bringing all those stories, they invite you all to remember all those who did not survive The Melting Land.
In memory of those innocents who died during The Melting Land phenomenon. Here is AMANDA MEMORIAL collection on, where you will meet those who did not survive The Melting Land.

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AMANDA MEMORIAL collection on
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