31. 0101 of Prof. NOTA

Note: 0101 NFTs are available to be minted!
B2C3: 0101 of Prof. NOTA will contain ONE-on-ONE artworks by Prof. NOTA.
Launcher: Prof. NOTA
Developer: nulled
Artist: Retired Satan X Prof. NOTA
Royalty: 9.9% on, 5.2% distributed to Retired Satan, and 4.7% to Prof. NOTA.
The first item is 0101 init, a collaboration artwork between Prof. NOTA and Pensiunan Setan, the assignment of an initial value for all the next ONE-on-ONE artwork in this collection.
— Source: 0101 of Prof. NOTA

The Objectives...

  1. 1.

Holder Benefit...

0101 init