17. Prof. NOTA's Ordinals

Note: Prof. NOTA's Ordinals are LIVE MINT NOW!
Spin-Off: Prof. NOTA's Ordinals are digital assets that are inscribed on a Satoshi, the lowest denomination of a Bitcoin (BTC) using the Ordinals protocol.
Launcher: Prof. NOTA
Developer: Prof. NOTA
Artist: Prof. NOTA
Royalty: 0% on the Bitcoin blockchain, 100% nothing to distributed to Prof. NOTA.
There is a GENESIS item, that is The One to Rule the 47: This item is a genesis of NOTA's Ordinals, very special, and will not be stand alone, not included in Prof. NOTA's Ordinals collection, since the holder of this item, will rule the other 47 ordinal inscriptions.
There are only 47 ordinal inscriptions out there with the same asset and this will be the rarest digital collectible in The King's NFT project, hopefully in the world.
BONUS: NOTA's Iconic Items (excluded)
This is a collection of the 3 most iconic items by PabrikRoti.IDN that used by Prof. NOTA to initiating The Melting Land in this 0101 MultiVerse. Inscribe this item to be able to mint Prof. NOTA's Ordinals for free.
BONUS: NOTA's SVGs (excluded)
This is Prof. NOTA's SVGs not RPGs created by PabrikRoti.IDN. Very limited, only 7 items with different colors. All holders of this Prof. NOTA's SVGs will be whitelisted in the NOTA's Ordinals collection to be able to mint for free.

The Objectives...

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Holder Benefit...

NOTA's SVGs (excluded)